“Capitalize the ‘N’, please.”

LaNita Williams. Living in Las Vegas. Born in St. Louis.

I started to understand my knack for building connections with people online while studying at the University of Missouri – Columbia. I earned my Journalism degree there in 2010. I worked for traditional news organizations, major TV/radio network affiliates (ABC, NPR, Reuters, etc.), and helped them establish their online audiences when blogging and social media were very new things. It was fun, but as we all know, news can often be sinister and dark. So I turned to the lighter side of building connections with people online – marketing and advertising – things I was unknowingly helping news organizations with in the first place. In 2012, I started helping smaller businesses build their brand awareness and sell more of their products and services online. Then this officially became my business in 2015 when I started my social media management company. I have a short list of other professional pursuits, but I won’t run down my entire resum√® here.¬†The main reason I started this site is to expand myself and gain connections with people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to connect with.

When it comes to parenting, I’m just winging it. I love doing, seeing, and eating new things. I daydream often. I’m a recovering procrastinator. I overshare. I overthink. I always underestimate how much time it’ll take to get dressed. I struggle with deciding between working out and eating tacos. I’m learning how to apply makeup. I love to laugh. I screen my phone calls, but when I pick up you can’t get me to shut up.

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